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Kim Baker profile



I'm Kim, 

I love to paint and create! 

I'm a mum to two beautiful children, a wife, a believer and a creative businesswoman, 

and I live in the beautiful Riverina area in NSW, Australia. 


Learning to paint and draw is a valuable skill and a passion of mine. As a child, I loved drawing animals and flowers and painting landscapes. In fact, I loved drawing so much that I got in trouble in primary school for practising calligraphy-style writing on the back of a school chair and was sent to the principal's office and spent many hours in high school doodling on my notebooks. I created a mural in chalk on my mum's sewing room wall and was amazed when I didn't get in trouble for doing that! These days my artistic outlets take a more structured approach. I love to create beautiful and vibrant watercolour and acrylic paintings inspired by nature, and I enjoy sketching with graphite pencils. Animals and the natural environment are my favourite subjects to draw and paint, and I take a lifelong learning approach to my art.

We are always learning and discovering new things!

Thank you so much for supporting my small creative business. It is an honour and privilege to share my art with you. 

Happy creating!

xx Kim


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