Acrylic pour and more!

Create amazing artworks with this Art Lesson Kit! 


Redeem your child's $100 Creative Kids voucher with us today! 

Note: NSW school-aged children (4.5 - 18 years) are eligible for a $100 Creative Kids voucher through Service NSW. Use your Creative Kids voucher to purchase this Art Lesson Kit for your child to use at home. Apply for your $100 Creative Kids voucher here.


Our $100 kit price includes STANDARD POSTAGE, NSW WIDE! 


Art Lesson Kit contains:


  • Acrylic pouring paint – Aurora (4 x 60ml)
  • Acrylic pouring paint – Flamingo (4 x 60ml)
  • Acrylic pouring paint – White (240ml)
  • Silicone oil (60ml)
  • Palette knife
  • 3pc pack of 5 x 7 inch canvas panels
  • 3pc pack of 5 x 7 inch canvas panels
  • Canvas – 18 x 24cm
  • Canvas – 18 x 24cm
  • Pastel ink pens
  • Erasable dual markers OR watercolour makers
  • String, straws, paddlepop sticks, flexible plastic card (for swipe technique)
  • Instruction sheet and lesson plan, with tips and guidance.
  • Access to a range of video resources/tutorials.


​Suitable for ages 8+ years

*contents may vary slightly depending on availability of stock. 

*get in quick! limited stock available.


Art Kit 25

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